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AIR CREDIT GROUP SIA provides aircraft leasing services under Cape Town Convention in accordance with international law. "AIR CREDIT GROUP" was founded in 2013 in Riga Republic of Latvia by the merger of tangible and intangible assets owned by the partners of the company. The company "ACG" consolidated all implemented projects by all partners, developments in the aviation business and effective solutions. The members of AIR CREDIT GROUP are professionals in the sphere of leasing of various aircraft in international and Russian Law, mergers and acquisitions of airlines, raising bank financing, aircraft maintenance. The company’s head office is located in Riga, Latvia, the office is located in Moscow, Russian Federation .

The Company’s founders have partnership relations with a number of European and Asian banks, international legal companies dealing with structuring of aviation deals, aviation authorities of the Bermudas, Ireland and Russia.

The objective of AIR CREDIT GROUP SIA is organizing financing of projects for modernization of Russian airlines’ fleets, as well as providing consulting services to Russian and foreign banks, leasing companies.


Kamal Tuzhikov

Locate in Moscow, Russia. Was born in 1981

См. профиль пользователя Kamal Tuzhikov


Alexander Ilin

Locate in Mariánské Lázně, the Czech Republic. Was born in 1954

См. профиль пользователя ALEXANDER ILIN


Michael Kiselev

Locate in Moscow, Russia. Was born in 1980

См. профиль пользователя Михаил Киселев




AIR CREDIT GROUP and its new line of business

After renegotiating at the Jet Expo 2014 ACG and one of the largest companies in VIP charter air transportation AIR TRAVEL MARKETING  (http://www.atmjet.ru/) have launched a co-project. It is planned to acquire an aircraft to realize a VIP air transportation programme on the owned aircraft for the benefit of AIR TRAVEL MARKETING (download PDF).

Establishment of the Company

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