Kiselev Michael

He graduated from RF Government-affiliated Financial Academy specializing in banking industry and Moscow State Industrial University with a degree in law in 2002 and 2007 accordingly.

Michael has been the managing partner in AIR CREDIT GROUP SIA since September 2014.

He worked in financial and credit divisions in such companies as CJSC Severstal Group, KB Moskommerts Bank, Moskommerts Leasing from 2002 to 2010. For two years 2010-2012 he occupied the position of Financial Director and managed the Financial Department of VTB Group subsidiary – Banco VTB Africa Sa in the Republic of Angola. He was directly involved in primary issue of government security stocks of the Republic of Angola in liaison with VTB-Capital Group. He has a vast experience in the area of structuring and implementing big projects and transactions in Russian and overseas markets including the involvement of government bodies. 

Michael is married and has a son.

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