Main Activities

  1. Implementing leasing and leaseback projects with new and after-market aircraft and helicopters for Russian and CIS companies (the Boeing 737-400/500/600/800/NG/MAX; the Boeing 757-200; the Boeing 767-200; the Boeing 777-200/300; the Airbus A319/320/330/340; the Canadian Bombardier CRJ100/200 and business series; Hawker Beechcraft business series; the Canadian Bombardier Q400 (DASH series); helicopters Mi-8/Т/МТВ/АМТ, Mi-171, Mi-26Т, helicopters Eurocopter, Bell, Augusta).
  2. Providing owned and financially controlled aircraft in financial, operational and wet leasing AIR CREDIT GROUP is an accredited lessor which is a participant in a number of Asian and European internet resources on leasing and leasing out aircraft.   
  3. Raising fund for building and developing airports and airfield infrastructures.
  4. Implementing projects of financial (leaseback) leasing of equipment for Russian airline companies which are specialized in aircraft production, repairs and maintenance.
  5. On the basis of repair and engineering organizing depot maintenance of aircraft which are the subjects of our own and external leasing transactions in international airports in Stockholm and Riga (in virtue of the cooperation with European Maintenance Repair Organization «Airline Sweden Support AB» ( PART145, OTAR39 and FAP 145
  6. Rendering consulting services on proceeding efficient registration, taking out documents, approvals, licenses from Aviation authorities in the Russian Federation, Ireland and Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation. 
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